Comprehensive assessments of programs, policies, procedures and facilities helps Buffalo Grove Park District with long range planning.

Neighbors to Arlington Heights, the Buffalo Grove (IL) Park District (BGPD) approached NCA shortly after the assessment work in Arlington Heights was completed.  For this project, the park board of commissioners was interested in both a physical accessibility assessment of facilities, AND an assessment of programs, policies and procedures as well.  Working closely with facility and program managers, NCA staff accessed 48 parks and program use spaces.  The purpose of the project was to provide the commissioners and staff with a snapshot of the district's current level of accessibility and recommendations for fully including people with disabilities in programs, services, parks, and facility use.  Wherever possible, NCA staff provided recommendations beyond the minimum accessibility standards that strived to achieve universal design.

Executive Director, Dan Schimmel comments on the lasting relationship with NCA well after the project was completed in 2006. "We constantly look to the staff at the NCA for their guidance on accessibility, especially in the area of playground and facility construction and renovation projects.  Not only do they advise us of the basic ADA requirements, they encourage to build universal design into the final plan.  That way the facilities and parks are even more welcoming to all of our guests."