1. Man transfers from wheelchair to transfer system to enter kayak positioned in launch over waterway

    EZ Dock EZ Launch System

    EZ Dock

    The universally accessible EZ Launch System is designed for independent use by all people of all abilities.  People without disabilities will find the system easy to use, all while seated, stable and dry-footed: simply walk up; slide your vessel onto the launch port; sit on the boarding bench; slide out the boarding seat; scooting into position over the center of the vessel; lower onto the vessel seat, sliding the boarding seat back into the bench; or use the side rails to pull the vessel off the port out into the water.  Universal design means the process is the same for someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility. Roll up to the transfer/boarding bench.  Transfer out of your chair and proceed to board like anyone else.


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  2. Kay-aKcess

    Kay-aKcess Floating Kayak Launch and Dock


    Kay-aKcess is a floating kayak/canoe launch/dock that provides safe, easy, stable access to and from the water. In combination with the wheelchair transfer platform, overhead and side assist bars, and Safe-Launch adjustable platform, persons with disabilities can now launch their kayaks and canoes safely; WITHOUT the assistance of others-which is truly empowering!

    Pricing starts at $10,400.00 for a 12’x18’ kayak launch dock, 16’ x 18’- $12,000.00 and the 16’ x 26’-$15,000.00. Pricing will vary depending on options selected, gangways not included.

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    Merco Marine Boat Docks & Accessories

    Merco Marine

    Dock hardware, float drums, pile guides, truss docks, wood docks, cleats, tub rail, gangways, rowing docks, and water craft lifts.


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