1. Audio Description Associates

    Audio Description

    Audio Description Associates, LLC

    Audio Description (AD) provides a verbal version of the visual: the visual is made verbal, aural, and oral. Using words that are succinct, vivid, and imaginative.

    AD narratives/techniques are used in: recorded tours of visitor centers, in the pauses between dialogue or critical sound elements in video, and presentations by docents or guides to make contact with the public more accessible and enjoyable.

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    Audio Description in the Home and Schools

    Mind's Eye Audio Productions

    Full audio description services for instructional videos, adult and children film and documentary, audio tours. Full audio production services for radio, drama, advertisement and program development.

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    Audio Description Project Directory of Service Providers

    Audio Description Project

    The mission of the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project (ADP) is to boost levels of description activity and disseminate information on that work throughout the nation, sponsoring a broad range of activities designed to build awareness of audio description among the general public as well as its principal users, people who are blind or have low vision.

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  4. Audio Description Solutions

    Audio Description Solutions

    Audio Description Solutions

    Audio Description Solutions is a full-service audio description (or video description) provider. We write, edit, narrate and record objective descriptions of the visual elements of training and informational video programs and other multimedia products. List of clients and projects available upon request.

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  5. Blueraven SensoryPEN

    Blueraven SensoryPEN

    Blueraven Creative, LLC

    SensoryPEN is the most intuitive and beautifully designed touch and listen technology in the marketplace today. Sound-enable interior and exterior exhibit panels, trail markers, displays, print and even presentations or special events, without the hassle and expense of special computer apps, software and networking. Just touch SensoryPEN to specially printed hot spots and listen to Audio Description, special sound effects, multiple languages, music and narratives. Your entire audience is engaged and your message remembered. SensoryPENs and audio buttons will be sold a la carte, giving your customers exactly what they are looking for in interactive and accessible designs with Audio Description (AD). Audio buttons and custom diecut shapes range in size from 1" to 11", and are available in a variety of substrates—from paper to vinyl to high-pressure laminate to porcelain enamel—there is something for everyone.

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  6. Logo: National Captioning Institute Incorporated

    Captioning & Video Description

    National Captioning Institute

    The nonprofit National Captioning Institute (NCI) provides the highest quality captioning, subtitling and language translation services for television, government agencies, DVDs, Webcasts, and audio-visual presentations used in parks and recreation facilities. NCI provides fast flexible service and technical support at competitive prices.

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    CaptionMax is dedicated to making all media accessible to all people. Specializing in captioning, subtitling, audio decription, and encoding. CaptionMax is the leading expert in providing media solutions for all the largest networks and film producers worldwide- including MTV, NBC, HBO, and Sony. The company's services support educational programs, live news broadcasts and popular home entertainment, such as "American Idol," "The Office," and "Nightline."

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  8. Lake Ledge Discovery Pen

    Lake Ledge Discovery Pen

    Lake Ledge Naturalist

    Just touch and listen.
    This handheld audio technology provides affordable and interactive audio description and audio interpretative tours.  Easily add audio description, languages, narrative, bird vocalization and more to new or existing exhibits, trails, maps and other materials.  Create and manage your own audio and content or ask us for support. Sites currently using the Discovery Pen include museums, zoos, botanical gardens, trails, and historical buildings.


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    Media Access Group at WGBH

    Captioning, subtitling and audio decription for television, film, web, DVD, etc. Offices in Boston and Los Angeles, includes the National Center for Accesssible Media (NCAM) our research and development group.

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