1. Eagle Claw Golf Grip Brace

    Eagle Claw Golf Grip Brace

    Eagle Claw, Inc.

    The Eagle Claw Golf Grip Brace locks an individual's golf grip onto the golf club allowing for maintained grip pressure throughout the golf swing, limited thumb movement while allowing other fingers to move freely, and enhanced hand support without restricting movement. The Eagle Claw Golf Grip is ideal for golfers with hand injuries or arthritis.

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    Eagle Single Rider Golf Car

    Eagle Golf Parts & Products

    The Eagle single rider-golf vehicle (SRV) is an adaptive golf cart with hand controls or pedal and swivel electric seat.

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    Golf Express Single Rider Golf Car

    Mobility Outdoors

    The Gold Xpress single rider adaptive cart is designed to be operated with one hand. The golfer can play seated, standing, and supported, or just use the cart to get close to the ball. The 360 degree swivel seat and wraparound transfer bar allow for easy access and positioning. Turf impact is minimized with staggered tires. Golf bags can be attatched in the front or rear position. A hunting cart is available with a camouflage body and a pull-over blind.

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    One Putz Putters

    Sagamore Golf Company

    One-Putz Putter uses your own forearm to reduce club head rotation and forces you to maintain the same grip, putt after putt.

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    SoloRider Management LLC

    Solorider single rider golf cart enables people such as amputtes, paraplegics and the mobility challended to play the game of golf.

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    T-Golf LLC

    The T-Golf® is a simple and fun progressive player development equipment and method that immediately yields very sophisticated positive results.  We teach the "circular" motion of the golf swing from the upright position. Once we achieve the desired motion we begin to add spine angle (being at the waist) by lowering a telescoping tee. T-Golf® uses a modified club and telescoping tee to achieve outstanding results.

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    TRS Prosthetic Components

    TRS Inc

    Upper extremity prehensors, hands, sports and recreation accessories. High performance rock climbing lower extermity prosthesis.

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