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  1. woman in a wheelchair uses a chest press machine in the outdoors

    Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

    Greenfields' accessible outdoor fitness equipment offers users in wheelchairs an excellent way to maintain their physical fitness with units specifically designed for their unique needs. Endorsed by U.S. Paralympian Jennifer French, Greenfields' wheelchair accessible line comprises units that work the arms, shoulders, chest, back and core, and gives users the opportunity to enjoy a fun, social exercise routine without the cost of a gym membership. Incorporating the accessible units into an outdoor fitness zone along with Greenfields' core units promotes users' inclusion in the greater community. In addition, users in wheelchairs can also use many of the core units provided they are capable of transferring from a wheelchair.

    Greenfields is committed to serving the needs of those with physical disabilities by providing unique, accessible outdoor fitness equipment specifically designed to be usable by individuals who use wheelchairs for mobility.

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    Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Green Gym Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    GreenGym outdoor Fitness equipment is both innovating and interesting. Add a few of these units to your fitness park and provide equal access for all ages and physical abilities to fitness, recreation and healthy active living in your community. 

    Please be advised that a wheelchair accessible surfacing must be providing in order to allow the wheelchair's usrs to comforably use the units.

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