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    Fibar Poured in Place

    The Fibar Group LLC

    FibarPIP has a free-form seamless design that can fit any shap playground. FibarPIP is porous that allows for easy drainage and cleaning. The cushioning layer is 100% post-consumer recycled material with EPDm on top for durability.


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    Kompan Tiles


    A safe solution with an attractive, dual-layer safety cushion. Kompan Tiles feature a thick layer of security cushion below and Duralayer on top.

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    RecGrass System

    Zeager Bros Inc

    RecGrass is a soft, synthetic grass that provides a very low maintenance, clean and reasonably prices saftey surface for play areas. Choose from a heavy -duty low-pile RecGrass or a softer high-pile RecGrass. No messy infill materials on this grass because the RecBase underneath provides the drainage and fall protection.


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    Zeager Bros Inc

    RecMats are a "no-hassel" interlocking rubber mat surface designed with a recycled foam base for drainage, fall protection and reduced base preparation. Asphalt, concrete or several inches of gravel is not required with this system due to the stability that the RecBase Provides.

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    Tot Turf

    Robertson Recreational Surfaces

    Manufactured on location. Consists of rubber granules, and urethane and recycled tire buffings. Mixed on site and hand-troweled to create a seamless and permanent safety surface.

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    Unity Play Land Tiles

    Unity Surfacing Systems

    The Play Land series is a 2 1/2" thick rubberized saftey surfacing, flooring and paver product manufactured with 100% recycled tires and rubber that is clean and safe to use. Sitting on medium -pedistals that provide up to a seven foot fall rating, these double tiles-mats-blocks have a double interlocking system with bolt down capabilities. They come in a wide variety of colors and thickness to fit your indoor and outdoor application such as playground, rooftops, walkways, recreational areas, daycare centers, green roofs, etc. Meets or exceeds ASTM, CPSC, ADA and USGBC safety standards and guidelines.

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    Zeager Bros Inc

    WoodCarpet is a third party certified wood fiber surface. WoodCarpet Mats were the first "no-trip" wear mats for under swings, slides and other high wear areas. These mats are designed with a beveled edge and concave shape to keep the WoodCarpet under the mat. As a result, these mats can be installed on top of the surface to keep the area flat and level for proper accessibility.

    Bonded WoodCarpet®, combines the safety of WoodCarpet® and the accessibility of poured-in-place. Bonded WoodCarpet® will make accessible trails, pathways through a playground, or make an entire playground surface accessible. Already have engineered wood fiber on your playground surface? There is no need to remove your engineered wood fiber, simply add a few bonded WoodCarpet® pathways to accessible play components. It will significiantly improve the accessibility of your engineered wood fiber playground or trail surface.

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