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    Zeager Bros Inc

    WoodCarpet is a third party certified wood fiber surface. WoodCarpet Mats were the first "no-trip" wear mats for under swings, slides and other high wear areas. These mats are designed with a beveled edge and concave shape to keep the WoodCarpet under the mat. As a result, these mats can be installed on top of the surface to keep the area flat and level for proper accessibility.

    Bonded WoodCarpet®, combines the safety of WoodCarpet® and the accessibility of poured-in-place. Bonded WoodCarpet® will make accessible trails, pathways through a playground, or make an entire playground surface accessible. Already have engineered wood fiber on your playground surface? There is no need to remove your engineered wood fiber, simply add a few bonded WoodCarpet® pathways to accessible play components. It will significiantly improve the accessibility of your engineered wood fiber playground or trail surface.

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