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    Big Sun Equine Rubber Floor Mats

    Big Sun Equine Products

    Vulcanized rubber floor matting used in fitness, animal, and industrial facilities.

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    Kompan Tiles


    A safe solution with an attractive, dual-layer safety cushion. Kompan Tiles feature a thick layer of security cushion below and Duralayer on top.

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    Zeager Bros Inc

    RecMats are a "no-hassel" interlocking rubber mat surface designed with a recycled foam base for drainage, fall protection and reduced base preparation. Asphalt, concrete or several inches of gravel is not required with this system due to the stability that the RecBase Provides.

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    Unity Play Land Tiles

    Unity Surfacing Systems

    The Play Land series is a 2 1/2" thick rubberized saftey surfacing, flooring and paver product manufactured with 100% recycled tires and rubber that is clean and safe to use. Sitting on medium -pedistals that provide up to a seven foot fall rating, these double tiles-mats-blocks have a double interlocking system with bolt down capabilities. They come in a wide variety of colors and thickness to fit your indoor and outdoor application such as playground, rooftops, walkways, recreational areas, daycare centers, green roofs, etc. Meets or exceeds ASTM, CPSC, ADA and USGBC safety standards and guidelines.

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