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    Klingstone Inc

    Klingstone Paths is a liquid applied polymer that binds coarse aggregate to create film, ADA compliant patheays and trails while maintaining a natural appearance and concern for the enviroment.


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    M10 + 50

    Enviroseal Corporation

    Natural soils or select aggregates are mixed with M10+50 and made using standard construction equipment. This easy to use and long lasting system has been adopted in PGA golf cart paths, roadways, and unpaved runways for military applications. It is a cost effective solution for a firm, stable, and maintence free walkway and construction costs are less than standard concrete or asphalt construction. A five year warranty is available when Enviroseal specifications are followed.


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    Stabilizer, The Original Natural Solution

    Stabilizer Solutions

    Stabilizer, "The Original Natural Binder" makes it possible to enjoy natural aggregates on trails, pathways, and driveways any time. You can stablize your aggregate by binding its soil particles with Stabilizer, developed over 20 years ago. Reduce mud, dust erosion, while creating a stable, porus surface. Totally organic, Stabilizer works with nature.

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  4. TechniSoil G5

    TechniSoil G5

    TechniSoil Global

    Natural soil stabilizer, binding existing decomposed granite or crushed rock aggregate media to create a pathway with characteristics greater or equal to asphalt. VOC free, gree, and natural. Maintains natural aggregate color.

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    Top-Shield (TS-100) Non-Hazardous Soil Sealant & Stabilizer

    Base Seal International

    Top-Shield (TS-100) contains powerful co-polymers developed to penetrate and create a hard resilient surface by cementing loose material into a tight bond. When applied, Top Shield will harden to remain dust free and moisture resistant. Provides strong barrier against a freeze thaw cycle. It is unique in that it has strong chains of polymer molecules that are cross-linked into grid like patters which may range up to 1,000,000 molecules long vs. competitors' products which commonly chain only 100 to 10,00 molecules long. Top-Shield (TS-100) Non-Hazardous, enviromentally friendly and dries clear. Successfully used by all branches of the US Military and Governmental Agerncies in U.S. and Internationally since 1995.


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