The NCA Products Directory is a resource for park and recreation practitioners as they begin searching for accessible products and services. This products directory has been designed to connect consumers, facility managers and purchasing officers to recreation products that could enhance accessibility to programs, services and facilities.

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    2 channel IR system (WIR SYS 90 ADV)

    Williams Sound Corporation

    This popular large area listening system features an all-in-one emitter/modulator and stylish, light weight, under-the-chin style recievers. Complete solution for providing language interpretation and hearing assistance and private listening. Services in courtrooms, military installations, emabassies, consultates, and political offices.

    Tagged:Assistive Listening Systems, Communications, Infrared, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  2. PathMat roll-away surfacing over sand

    AccessRec Beach Access Mats & Surfaces

    AccessRec, LLC

    DuraDeck* and AccessMat** Beach Access Mats have been specifically developed for use in permanent or temporary recreation access applications.

    DuraDeck* is a unique molded plastic mat that is durable, lightweight, and extremely strong. Sections of 8' x 4' are engineered to provide ground protection and access over soft surfaces and will provide a firm support base and traction for numerous activities. DuraDeck sections can be carried by 1-2 persons and positioned easily as required on a job site. No tools are required for installation or removal.

    AccessMat* is a portable and removable roll-out access mat that can be used in a multitude of applications for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchairs access), as well as light vehicles including strollers, bicycles and ATVs. AccessMat is the most affordable, comfortable and durable material offered on the market.

    Dimensions and weights of products available on our website.


    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Mats, Portable Paths & Modular Decking, Beach Surfaces, Surfaces

  3. WaterWheels with user and assistant at water's edge

    AccessRec WaterWheels

    AccessRec, LLC

    WaterWheels is the highest quality floating beach chair for the most affordable price! The WaterWheels front fork is manufactured of stainless steel with an aluminum frame. It is designed to absorb the shocks of rough terrains while withstanding the weight of its passenger for repeated use. Our wider backrest, which is made from UV and water resistant fabric, is designed to provide superior comfort while sun bathing and floating. Choose your preferred seating position from 3 different angles to maximize your enjoyment. The yellow armrests are highly visible to lifeguards, providing piece of mind to any user. This unique design allows many individuals with disabilities to experience the ocean, lake, pond, or pool both in and out of the water. 



    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  4. Acoustiguide



    Acousticguide provides clients with audio and multimedia interpretive services to deliver content to all visitors. Visual description and American Sign Language content development


    Tagged:Audiovisual Services and Supplies, Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

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    Amco Elevator

    Amco Elevators

    Service, repair, moderization, and installation of elevators and wheelchair lifts.

    Tagged:Elevators & Lifts

  6. Ameristep Hunting Blind

    Ameristep Hunting Blinds

    Ameristep Inc

    The Ameristep Doghouse Blind is ideal for firearm and bow hunting. Portable and compact concealment with shoot-through mesh windows. The Penthouse Blind is ideal for the hunter standing at full draw. It can even completely conceal an ATV. Portable and compact concealment with shoot-through TSC mesh kit included.

    Tagged:Hunting, Recreation Equipment

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    Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair

    Aqua Creek Products

    This sturdy light-weight all-terrain chair allows easier access in sand, snow, and other soft soils. Four balloon flotation tires give the chair extra stability that resists tipping and corners better than three wheel designs. Order the unit with rear articulating wheels for easier maneuverability on soft surfaces. The unit comes standard with single motion park brakes, saftey belt, umbrella, sliding footrest, storage bag, and comfortable cushion seat. The chair quickly disassembles into two pieces for easy transport.


    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

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    Aqua Creek Pool Access Chair

    The Pool Access Chair is an ideal solution to getting patients in and out of the pool via a platform lift or ramp. With super-strong PVC construction and an anti-tip design, these corrosion resistant chairs are designed to operate in pool water enviroments and showers. The chair features a swing-out arm rest for lateral transfers and a retractable footrest. Available in a 250 pound capacity and a 400 pound capacity version.


    Tagged:Aquatic Facilities, Aquatic Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

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    Aqua Creek Pool Lifts

    Aqua Creek Products

    The Pro Pool Lift is an independently certified aquatic lift that features a unique, compact design, rechargeable 24-volt battery, stainless steel construction, and a UV resistant epoxy powder coat finish. Specifically developed for in ground pool and spa applications, The Pro Pool Lift was designed with a low profile to provide for an attractive, unobtrusive and welcome addition to any pool deck.

    The Patriot Portable Pro Pool Lift takes our very popular flagship model, The Pro Pool Lift, and mounts it to a counter weighted cart to it to make it completely portable. Just wheel the The Patriot Portable Pro Pool Lift up to the poolside where you want it, set the caster brakes and pressure foot, tilt the lift back and glide it down to the deck. Now you are ready to use the lift.

    The Pro Spa Lift is for you, if you desire the freedom of relaxing in the comfort of your own hot tub or spa without having to wait for assistance. Our 24-volt rechargeable battery powered lift will lift up to 400-pounds and allows you to clear a 40-inch high wall up to 14-inches wide with a full 360-degree rotation. The Pro Spa 40 Lift comes standard with an adjustable lap belt, adjustable pull-out/flip-down leg rest, and dual flip-up arms to facilitate easy lateral transfers. Quality stainless steel construction and UV resistance epoxy powder coat finish ensure long life and corrosion resistance.


    Tagged:Aquatic Facilities, Pool Entry

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    Aqua Trek Pool Access Systems

    Rehab Systems LLC

    The AquaTrek Step is available in 6, 7 or 8 tread (step) models. Custom constructed for each facility’s pool, this unit is both a lightweight and portable addition for aquatic access. Each tread (step) has 2 black and 1 yellow nonslip safety strip. The yellow strips are placed on the front of each tread to help make the treads more visible and the visual perspective clearer. Wheels on the bottom of the AquaTrek Step allow for ease of movement into and out of the pool. The deck anchors are made of cast bronze and all fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel.

    The AquaTrek Ladder is available in 4, 5 or 6 tread (step) models. This unit is built for heavyweight durability but maintains lightweight portability. The 30-inch wide treads (steps) provide a comfortable walking area, while the noncorrosive metal reinforced siderails provide strength and stability for use in a commercial pool. Each tread (step) comes with a nonslip safety surface in two colors, yellow and black. The AquaTrek Ladder is easily removed for automatic pool cleaners, retractable pool covers and solar blankets. This product is the ultimate practical and dignified solution for aquatic access.

    The AquaTrek Ramp is a multi-purpose ramp consisting of a ramp, stair and underwater parallel bars. It can easily be removed from the pool making room for automatic cleaners and pool covers. The ramp has 30" treads and a weight capacity of approximately 600 lb. Constructed of non-corrosive metal encased in a rigid PVC skin. The treads, platform and approach ramp are made from injection molded virgin PVC with an added UV stabilizer and non-slip safety strips on each tread and the platform. The wheels are mounted in an impact resistant nylon hub with gray, non-marking tires. All fasteners are 304 stainless steel and the deck anchors are made of cast bronze


    Tagged:Aquatic Facilities, Pool Entry

  11. Audio Description Associates

    Audio Description

    Audio Description Associates, LLC

    Audio Description (AD) provides a verbal version of the visual: the visual is made verbal, aural, and oral. Using words that are succinct, vivid, and imaginative.

    AD narratives/techniques are used in: recorded tours of visitor centers, in the pauses between dialogue or critical sound elements in video, and presentations by docents or guides to make contact with the public more accessible and enjoyable.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Communications

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    Audio Description in the Home and Schools

    Mind's Eye Audio Productions

    Full audio description services for instructional videos, adult and children film and documentary, audio tours. Full audio production services for radio, drama, advertisement and program development.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Communications

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    Audio Description Project Directory of Service Providers

    Audio Description Project

    The mission of the American Council of the Blind's Audio Description Project (ADP) is to boost levels of description activity and disseminate information on that work throughout the nation, sponsoring a broad range of activities designed to build awareness of audio description among the general public as well as its principal users, people who are blind or have low vision.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Communications

  14. Audio Description Solutions

    Audio Description Solutions

    Audio Description Solutions

    Audio Description Solutions is a full-service audio description (or video description) provider. We write, edit, narrate and record objective descriptions of the visual elements of training and informational video programs and other multimedia products. List of clients and projects available upon request.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Communications

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    Beach Scoot Accommodator II

    Beach Scooters and Wheelchairs, Accessible Beach & Bath Products

    The Beach Scoot Accomodator II is an industrial grade 4-wheel scooter that can drive in soft beach sand, snow, rocky/wooded trails and over 4-5 inch concrete curbs.  It can clear a 36" wide door.

    Tagged:Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

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    Outdoor Drinking Fountains

    Belson Outdoors

    Belson Outdoors offers a variety multi-height drinking fountains for park settings.

    Tagged:Drinking Fountains, Park Site Amenities

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    Picnic Tables

    Belson Outdoors

    Belson Outdoors offers a variety of wood, aluminum, recycled plastic, steel, concrete, plastic coated picnic tables.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Picnic Tables

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    Portable Restrooms

    Belson Outdoors

    Belson Outdoors offers weather resistant Sani-Potties portable chemical toilets that are great for any outdoor setting. Tough polyethylene construction throughout will not rot or corrode, never needs painting, and is highly resistant to impact, scratching, and temperature extremes. The base is plastic over a wolmanized skid that is dado cut, bolted, nailed and glued to withstand years of use and abuse.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Restroom Buildings

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    Big Sun Equine Rubber Floor Mats

    Big Sun Equine Products

    Vulcanized rubber floor matting used in fitness, animal, and industrial facilities.

    Tagged:Rubber Mats & Tiles, Surfaces

  20. Prefabricated Restroom Buildings

    Prefabricated Public Restrooms

    Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.

    Biological Mediation is a manufacturer of sustainable, custom designed, enviromentally friendly facilities. BMS will work with you to create facilites to meet your needs. The WRS waterless system is the most efficient in the industry, reducing both waste and maintenance. Flush facilities, concession buildings and park entry stations can also be custom designed.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Restroom Buildings

  21. Blueraven SensoryPEN

    Blueraven SensoryPEN

    Blueraven Creative, LLC

    SensoryPEN is the most intuitive and beautifully designed touch and listen technology in the marketplace today. Sound-enable interior and exterior exhibit panels, trail markers, displays, print and even presentations or special events, without the hassle and expense of special computer apps, software and networking. Just touch SensoryPEN to specially printed hot spots and listen to Audio Description, special sound effects, multiple languages, music and narratives. Your entire audience is engaged and your message remembered. SensoryPENs and audio buttons will be sold a la carte, giving your customers exactly what they are looking for in interactive and accessible designs with Audio Description (AD). Audio buttons and custom diecut shapes range in size from 1" to 11", and are available in a variety of substrates—from paper to vinyl to high-pressure laminate to porcelain enamel—there is something for everyone.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

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    Prefrabicated Fish Cleaning Stations

    Biological Mediation Systems, Inc.

    Fish cleaning station uses a natural process to dispose of fish parts. Stainless steel cleaning table avaible in round or rectangual; two basket drains, one cutting board, two manually operated spray wands, and viscera chute.


    Tagged:Boating & Fishing Facilities

  23. Bright Idea Picnic Table

    Picnic Tables

    Bright Idea Shops, LLC

    Styled like a traditional A-Frame Picnic Table with design modifications to accommodate wheelchair accessibility.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Picnic Tables

  24. BYO Recreation Company Logo

    Playground Equipment

    BYO Recreation

    BYO Recreation has been a trusted nationwide supplier of commercial grade ADA accessible playground equipment for over 10 years. We have helped thousands of playgrounds, parks, daycares and churches all over the nation provide a fun, exciting and safe playground for children of all ages and abilities. We design all of our structures to ADA Compliance. We make sure we have the proper amount of ground level activities that are required for ADA compliance, and we make sure that during installation of surfacing that there is an accessible path present.

    Tagged:Play Equipment, Playgrounds

  25. Logo: National Captioning Institute Incorporated

    Captioning & Video Description

    National Captioning Institute

    The nonprofit National Captioning Institute (NCI) provides the highest quality captioning, subtitling and language translation services for television, government agencies, DVDs, Webcasts, and audio-visual presentations used in parks and recreation facilities. NCI provides fast flexible service and technical support at competitive prices.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Captioning Services, Communications

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    Captioning and Subtitling Services

    Video Caption Corporation

    Video Caption Corporation provides high quality English and Spanish closed captioning for all types of programing. We also supply Spanish and English subtitling as well as multi-language subtitling. Our captioning has been approved by the Described and Captioned Media Program's (DCMP's) Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education. The DCMP is the only organization which evaluates the quality of captions produced in the United States and fewer the 10% of companies offering captioning services have met their strict standards.

    Tagged:Captioning Services, Communications

  27. No Photo Available



    CaptionMax is dedicated to making all media accessible to all people. Specializing in captioning, subtitling, audio decription, and encoding. CaptionMax is the leading expert in providing media solutions for all the largest networks and film producers worldwide- including MTV, NBC, HBO, and Sony. The company's services support educational programs, live news broadcasts and popular home entertainment, such as "American Idol," "The Office," and "Nightline."

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Captioning Services, Communications

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    Multi-Styles of Grills

    Cedar Store Outdoor Furniture

    The Cedar Store offers a variety of pedestal grills and fire rings.  Everyone loves their hotdogs and hamburgers made exactly to their liking, so make their grill serve up the same versatility! The Park Grill is accessible, rotates a full 360 degrees, and even has a four-level adjustable cooking grate to fit every single person using it!  Or cook out over an open fire every night of the week with the Accessible Dual-Purpose Fire Ring with Grate.

    Tagged:Grills & Fire Rings, Park Site Amenities

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    Multi-Styles of Picnic Tables

    Cedar Store Outdoor Furniture

    Designed for heavy use, Cedar Store offers a variety of picnic tables made with a galvanized steel understructure, expanded metal table and benches with high weight capacities. Finished with a coating of thermo-plastic, it's impervious to the ravages of the elements, including temperature extremes, so it won't rust, warp, chip, or peel, even if it's left outside all year long.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Picnic Tables

  30. Durolawn



    Durolawn is an inexpensive recycled rubber mat providing a non-slip supportive base providing wheelchairs, scooters and assisted walking devices access and mobility on grass, sand and snow surfaces. Durolawn can be permanent or temporary and installs in minutes without need of specialty tools or equipment. Used at parks, beaches, golf courses and playgrounds.

    Durolawn is committed to working with landscape architects, playground designers, builders, parks and cecreational facilities to plan and implement low cost solutions providing accessibility in outdoor spaces.


  31. Eagle Claw Golf Grip Brace

    Eagle Claw Golf Grip Brace

    Eagle Claw, Inc.

    The Eagle Claw Golf Grip Brace locks an individual's golf grip onto the golf club allowing for maintained grip pressure throughout the golf swing, limited thumb movement while allowing other fingers to move freely, and enhanced hand support without restricting movement. The Eagle Claw Golf Grip is ideal for golfers with hand injuries or arthritis.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Assistive Devices

  32. No Photo Available

    Eagle Single Rider Golf Car

    Eagle Golf Parts & Products

    The Eagle single rider-golf vehicle (SRV) is an adaptive golf cart with hand controls or pedal and swivel electric seat.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Cars, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  33. No Photo Available

    EB150 Eco-Box

    Tour-Mate Systems Limited

    Featured in a variety of national and state parks, the Eco-Box is an outdoor interpretive device requiring little maintenance and no batteries. The user generates energy by cranking a handle to play the interpretive message.

    Tagged:Audiovisual Services and Supplies, Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  34. No Photo Available

    Electra-Mate Fishing Reels

    Electric Fishing Reel Systems, Inc

    The Electra-Mate Fishing Reel Model 450 PTH is the smallest and most powerful electric spinning reel drive in the world. It is designed and manufactured to assist the physically challenged to fish.

    Tagged:Fishing, Recreation Equipment

  35. No Photo Available

    Electra-Mate Fishing Reels

    The Electra-Mate Fishing Reel Model 450 PTH is the smallest and most powerful electric spinning reel drive in the world. It is designed and manufactured to assist the physically challenged to fish.


  36. FISH WINCH Electric Spinning Reel

    FISH WINCH adaptive fishing reel drives for spinning reels along with Shimano Quick Fire II system allow easy one-handed casting & retrieveing. FISH WINCH electric spinning reel drives are cordless, easy to use and are available in 3 retrieve speeds for various styles of fishing and lure presentation.


  37. No Photo Available

    Extreme 4 x 4 Power Wheelchair

    Innovation in Motion

    The Extreme 4x4 four wheel drive all terrain power wheelchair utilizes digital technology and high torque electric conductors. This wheelchair is especially tailored for heavy-duty use.


    Tagged:Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  38. Man transfers from wheelchair to transfer system to enter kayak positioned in launch over waterway

    EZ Dock EZ Launch System

    EZ Dock

    The universally accessible EZ Launch System is designed for independent use by all people of all abilities.  People without disabilities will find the system easy to use, all while seated, stable and dry-footed: simply walk up; slide your vessel onto the launch port; sit on the boarding bench; slide out the boarding seat; scooting into position over the center of the vessel; lower onto the vessel seat, sliding the boarding seat back into the bench; or use the side rails to pull the vessel off the port out into the water.  Universal design means the process is the same for someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility. Roll up to the transfer/boarding bench.  Transfer out of your chair and proceed to board like anyone else.


    Tagged:Boating & Fishing Facilities, Docks & Piers

  39. No Photo Available

    Federal Elevator

    Federal Elevator International

    Lifts and elevators to be used in public buildings and private residence.

    Tagged:Elevators & Lifts

  40. No Photo Available

    Fibar Poured in Place

    The Fibar Group LLC

    FibarPIP has a free-form seamless design that can fit any shap playground. FibarPIP is porous that allows for easy drainage and cleaning. The cushioning layer is 100% post-consumer recycled material with EPDm on top for durability.


    Tagged:Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Poured in Place Rubber, Surfaces

  41. Freedom Tent

    Freedom Tent

    Blue Sky Designs

    This three season, 2-person tent is the result of a collaboration between Eureka! and BlueSky Designs, a design firm noted for its work in universal design. Designed for accessibility and ease-of-use, the spacious interior also makes it ideal for campers looking for extra storage during canoeing, car camping, or touring trips. The Freedom and other accessible tent designs were developed with funding from the USDA Small Business Innovation Research program.

    Tagged:Camping, Recreation Equipment

  42. No Photo Available

    SM 1000 All Weather Telescope

    The Glass Eye, Div. of Turomatic Machine Co

    All weather telescope for public use, superior optics and construction- trouble free design to be used with any camera.  The instrument complies with all ADA standards and is exceptionally easy to use. This type of mount allows the user to view from any direction.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Viewing Scopes

  43. GPS Ranger

    GPS Ranger

    BarZ Adventures Inc

    The GPS Ranger® is patented multimedia tour guide system designed as an interpretive and navigational aid to be made available for daily remntal to visitors at parks, historical sites, and other outdoor venues.

    The GPS Ranger delivers location based content automatically. The product is designed for visitors to have more enriching, entertaining, and educational visit. The GPS ranger is an "edutainment" tool that dellivers audio, video, captioning and sign interpretation of designated locations within the location while providing navifational assistance and saftey messaging.

    The GPS Ranger System is a fully intergrated hardware/software solution that will deliver an interpretive message and provide navigational assistance seemlessly and repeatedly.

    Tagged:Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  44. woman in a wheelchair uses a chest press machine in the outdoors

    Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Greenfields Outdoor Fitness

    Greenfields' accessible outdoor fitness equipment offers users in wheelchairs an excellent way to maintain their physical fitness with units specifically designed for their unique needs. Endorsed by U.S. Paralympian Jennifer French, Greenfields' patented Signature Accessible line (U.S. Patent 9,079,069) comprises units that work the arms, shoulders, chest, back and core, and gives users the opportunity to enjoy a fun, social exercise routine without the cost of a gym membership. In Spring 2018, Greenfields debuted three NEW units with adjustable resistance, featuring the same innovative bidirectional adjustment mechanism used in Greenfields’ Professional Series units.  



    Incorporating the Signature Accessible units into an outdoor fitness zone along with Greenfields' core units promotes users' inclusion in the greater community. In addition, users in wheelchairs can also use many of the core units provided they are capable of transferring from a wheelchair. Greenfields is committed to serving the needs of those with physical disabilities by providing unique, accessible outdoor fitness equipment.

    Tagged:Fitness, Fitness Equipment, Park Site Amenities, Recreation Equipment

  45. No Photo Available

    Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    Green Gym Outdoor Fitness Equipment

    GreenGym outdoor Fitness equipment is both innovating and interesting. Add a few of these units to your fitness park and provide equal access for all ages and physical abilities to fitness, recreation and healthy active living in your community. 

    Please be advised that a wheelchair accessible surfacing must be providing in order to allow the wheelchair's usrs to comforably use the units.

    Tagged:Fitness, Fitness Equipment, Park Site Amenities, Recreation Equipment

  46. No Photo Available

    Hippocampe Wheelchair

    Vipamat Technologies North America

    The Hippocampe is a multi-use chair: primarily on the beach but also for hikes, in the mountains, in the country side, in the snow, etc. The Hippocampe can be used all year around. The user can operate the chair alone in the sand and given a true sense of freedom and independence (the push bar and traction kit are used for people who can not operate the wheelchair alone or for people who need a little extra help because of the terrain or fatigue). Comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL.

    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  47. No Photo Available


    Trac About Inc

    Gives the user the ability to traverse sand, snow, mud, and rough terrain with independence and stability, while riding in comfort. The patented track positioning system allows for terrain, as well as permitting indoor use without damages to floors or carpeting. The 27-inch width and no side-swing action allow for interior doorways and thresholds to be maneuvered with ease.


    Tagged:Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  48. Kay-aKcess floating kayak launch

    Kay-aKcess Floating Kayak Launch and Dock


    Kay-aKcess offers a floating kayak/canoe launch/dock that provides safe, easy, stable access to and from the water. The wheelchair transfer platform, overhead and side assist bars, and Safe-Launch adjustable platform, in combination with an ADA Gangway enable persons with disabilities to launch their kayaks and canoes safely; WITHOUT the assistance of others, which is truly empowering.

    Tagged:Boating & Fishing Facilities, Docks & Piers

  49. No Photo Available

    Picnic Tables

    Keystone Ridge Designs

    Keystone Ridge Designs offers a variety of picnic table designs for outdoor park settings.  The Hapsburg Table set proves its adaptability while reinforcing its statement of durability and comfort.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Picnic Tables

  50. No Photo Available


    Klingstone Inc

    Klingstone Paths is a liquid applied polymer that binds coarse aggregate to create film, ADA compliant patheays and trails while maintaining a natural appearance and concern for the enviroment.


    Tagged:Soil Stabilization Products, Surfaces

  51. No Photo Available

    Playground Equipment


    Outdoor play is the ideal antidote to over-structured and inactive lifestyles. KOMPAN is committed to making the most of that time on the playground by providing engaing. challenging, and durable playgrounds that ensure kids play harder, stay longer, and come back more often to satisfy their natural need to play. Kompan's unique approach to designing playground equipment has enriched children's play experiences for more then 30 years.

    Tagged:Play Equipment, Playgrounds

  52. No Photo Available

    Kompan Tiles


    A safe solution with an attractive, dual-layer safety cushion. Kompan Tiles feature a thick layer of security cushion below and Duralayer on top.

    Tagged:Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Rubber Mats & Tiles, Surfaces

  53. Krankcyle Rx No Limitations. No one gets left out.

    Johnny G KRANKcycle by Martix


    For 54 million Americans with a disability, fitness centers are not a welcoming enviroment. For 170 million individuals who now belong to a "special population" in the United States, there are few options for cardiovascular exercise if you are unable to utilize your lower body. The Kracnkcyle is fully wheelchair accessible, enabling people with limited mobility to participate, sharing the same program, using the same equipment and enjoying the wonderful positive energy of a group fitness enviorment.

    Tagged:Cycling, Fitness, Recreation Equipment

  54. Lake Ledge Interpretive Development & Audio Tours

    Lake Ledge Interpretive Development & Audio Tours

    Lake Ledge Naturalist

    Lake Ledge creates meaningful exhibits and trails, affordable audio experiences and innovative site support materials.  Each project is designed to reach the broadest audience, to deepen the individual experience and strengthen connection to place


    Tagged:Interpretive Services and Supplies

  55. Lake Ledge Discovery Pen

    Lake Ledge Discovery Pen

    Lake Ledge Naturalist

    Just touch and listen.
    This handheld audio technology provides affordable and interactive audio description and audio interpretative tours.  Easily add audio description, languages, narrative, bird vocalization and more to new or existing exhibits, trails, maps and other materials.  Create and manage your own audio and content or ask us for support. Sites currently using the Discovery Pen include museums, zoos, botanical gardens, trails, and historical buildings.


    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  56. No Photo Available

    Landeez All-Terrain Wheelchair

    Natural Access

    The Landeez all-terrain wheelchair allows you to enjoy the health benefits of a variety of outdoor activities. Great for trips to the beach, strolls in the forest, and for accessing unpaved areas in your neighborhood. The Landeez rolls over sand, snow, gravel, and soft soils with remarkable ease.


    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  57. No Photo Available

    Playground Equipment

    Landscape Structures, Inc.

    Landscape Structures creates play products that encourage kids of all abilities to get outside, play together and be healthy. LSI is focused on taking inclusive play to a higher level by intergrating more sensory play on the playground. LSI wants to give kids the opportunity to play naturally in the outdoors by creating nature inspired products to encourage it.

    Tagged:Play Equipment, Playgrounds

  58. No Photo Available

    M10 + 50

    Enviroseal Corporation

    Natural soils or select aggregates are mixed with M10+50 and made using standard construction equipment. This easy to use and long lasting system has been adopted in PGA golf cart paths, roadways, and unpaved runways for military applications. It is a cost effective solution for a firm, stable, and maintence free walkway and construction costs are less than standard concrete or asphalt construction. A five year warranty is available when Enviroseal specifications are followed.


    Tagged:Soil Stabilization Products, Surfaces

  59. No Photo Available

    Merco Marine Boat Docks & Accessories

    Merco Marine

    Dock hardware, float drums, pile guides, truss docks, wood docks, cleats, tub rail, gangways, rowing docks, and water craft lifts.


    Tagged:Boating & Fishing Facilities, Docks & Piers

  60. Merlexi Craft Wheelchair

    Merlexi Craft Wheelchair

    Turbo Wheelchair Company, Inc

    The Merlexi Craft suite of custom-designed manual wheelchairs offer a durable, cost-effective amenity for the daily use of visitors, guests, or clients. Merlexi Craft wheelchairs are constructed of high-strenth synthetic resin, are lightweight and waterproof, making them ideal for use in a variety of recreation environments.

    Tagged:Aquatic Facilities, Aquatic Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  61. Mister Boardwalk recycled lumber decking crosses the surface of the beach

    Mister Boardwalk Modular and Roll-Away Walkways

    Mister Boardwalk

    Semi-permanent modular system made or Trex decking, plastic lumber or wood material. Can be removed seasonally and is a "seamless" surface. Roll-Away walkway is made with treated pine and nylon cord.

    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Mats, Portable Paths & Modular Decking, Beach Surfaces, Surfaces

  62. Mobi-Chair with user floating in water


    Deschamps Mat Systems, Inc

    The Mobi-Chair is a high quality, amphibious beach wheelchair that provides its user with a seamless transiton from boardwalk- to beach- to water. High maneuverability and the ability to float persons up to 300 pounds, the Mobi-Chair provides a one-of-a-kind experience for people with a disability who have never been able to get into the water. The Mobi-Chair is also most convenient. It can be assembled or disassembles within two minutes and can fit quite easily into the back of an SUV or large trunk.


    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  63. Women pushing a stroller over Mobi-Deck Rec-Path over sand beach at lake


    Deschamps Mat Systems, Inc

    Mobi-Deck is a 100% recyclable composite panel mat that is strong and durable. Sections of 5' x 6' are modular and provide access and a firm support base over soft surfaces as well as ground protection. Mobi-Deck™ panel mats can be carried by 2 persons or standard lifting equipment.

    Mobi-Deck panels are delivered on standard pallets with connectors bags and are easily handled with standard lifting equipment. The panels can be connected in a variety of configurations: use the four connectoins holes, one at each corner and four additional connection holes (two each at the center of the 6' side) for easy connectoin of panels in either direction. 

    Mobi-Deck can also be used without any connectors on most temporary projects and may be placed adjacent to one another for quick installation. 

    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Mats, Portable Paths & Modular Decking, Beach Surfaces, Surfaces

  64. Mobi-Mat Rec-Path over sand dunes


    Deschamps Mat Systems, Inc

    Mobi-Mat is a lightweight portable rollout NON-SLIP matting that is temporarily or permanently laid down on the ground to provide non-slip and traffic resistant access for all (wheelchairs, strollers, pedestrians) on sand, grass, or other soft and unstable surfaces.

    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Mats, Portable Paths & Modular Decking, Beach Surfaces, Surfaces

  65. No Photo Available

    Golf Express Single Rider Golf Car

    Mobility Outdoors

    The Gold Xpress single rider adaptive cart is designed to be operated with one hand. The golfer can play seated, standing, and supported, or just use the cart to get close to the ball. The 360 degree swivel seat and wraparound transfer bar allow for easy access and positioning. Turf impact is minimized with staggered tires. Golf bags can be attatched in the front or rear position. A hunting cart is available with a camouflage body and a pull-over blind.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Cars, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  66. No Photo Available


    Media Access Group at WGBH

    Captioning, subtitling and audio decription for television, film, web, DVD, etc. Offices in Boston and Los Angeles, includes the National Center for Accesssible Media (NCAM) our research and development group.

    Tagged:Audio Desc Service, Captioning Services, Communications

  67. No Photo Available

    Motiva Personal FM System

    Williams Sound Corporation

    The Motiva Personal FM system reduces background noise and maximized listening by wirelessly broadcasting a speakers voice, audio program or simultaneous mix for all participants to hear. It is ideal for classrooms, small group listening, employee training, consultations, or any enviorment where listening can be difficult.

    Tagged:Assistive Listening Systems, Communications, FM Systems

  68. Mount'n Mover

    Mount'n Mover

    Blue Sky Designs

    The Mount'n Mover is a universal mount which can be used to attach various devices to a wheelchair. Applications include cameras, video cameras, binoculars, spotting scopes, electronic devices such as GPS or cell phones, an easel, tray or other devices people choose to attach via the universal quick release plate. The mount can be customized to lock in various positions, but individuals with limited dexterity and strengh are able to use the accessible levers to unlock and reposition it easily. Various post lengths and wheelchair attatchment hardware allow different height settings. The tilt is adjustable and each joint rotates 360 degrees for easy movement. Quick release plates allow people to attach various devices, depending on the activity. Available in Dual Arm, Single Arm, or Tilt'n Turner (no arm).

    Tagged:Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  69. No Photo Available

    One Putz Putters

    Sagamore Golf Company

    One-Putz Putter uses your own forearm to reduce club head rotation and forces you to maintain the same grip, putt after putt.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Assistive Devices

  70. The Park Catalog Drinking Fountain

    Drinking Fountains

    The Park Catalog

    The Park Catalog offers a large selection of ADA compliant drinking fountains as well as many other accessible commercial site furnishings for parks and facilities. Our drinking fountains may be a staple of any public facility.

    Pictured: Doggy & Me Drinking Fountain: Item# 439-1020

    This unique drinking fountain caters to people and pups of all shapes and sizes. Constructed of quality material and ADA compliant, this is the perfect fountain for parks, campgrounds, or any facility that wants to be welcoming to all.

    Tagged:Drinking Fountains, Park Site Amenities

  71. The Park Catalog Fire Ring

    Park Grills and Fire Rings

    The Park Catalog

    The Park Catalog offers a large assortment of ADA compliant fire rings and commercial grills that make cooking at parks and campgrounds more accessible for everyone.

    Pictured: ADA Fire Ring with Adjustatble Grate: Item# 398-1496

    This fire ring harbors the heat with minimum exposed hot surface and a high, adjustable grill grate for easy cooking at any height.

    Tagged:Grills & Fire Rings, Park Site Amenities

  72. The Park Catalog Hexagonal Picnic Table

    Commercial Picnic Tables

    The Park Catalog

    The Park Catalog offers a large seletion of ADA compliant picnic tables as well as many other accessible commercial site furnishings for parks and facilities.

    Pictured: 6-Ft. ADA Hexagonal Picnic Table: Item# 434-1009

    Among The Park Catalog's comprehensive line of ADA compliant picnic tables, our hexagonal recycled plastic picnic table is a featured accessible furnishing. Easy to maintain and large enough to accommodate a variety of portable chairs, this talbe is a great value that will make any facility more welcoming.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Picnic Tables

  73. No Photo Available

    Personal PA Tour Guide System

    Williams Sound Corporation

    Single-Channel tour guide system helps people with hearing difficulties listen directly to the guide and control their own volume. The system combines superior audio with easy to use controls to accomodate any age user.

    Tagged:Assistive Listening Systems, Communications, FM Systems, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  74. Pilot Rock Accessible Charcoal Grill - ASW Series

    Charcoal Grill

    RJ Thomas Mfg Co Inc

    Model ASW-20 charcoal grill offers 300 sq. inches of cooking area on the single level swivel grate. The cooking grate swivels 180 degrees – over the charcoals or completely out of the firebox – but the grate handle is never over the heat. The cooking grate on this grill requires less than 5 lbs. of force to move, and requires only one hand to operate (ADA-ABA 309.4; Draft Final-Outdoor 1011.3). The cooking surface is less than 34” high (ADA-ABA 902.3; Draft Final-Outdoor 1011.5).  The grill firebox can also rotate 360 degrees in either direction on a theft proof swivel attachment. All components of this charcoal grill are finished with high temp, non toxic black enamel paint. Optional surface mount base post (instead of standard embedded post) and surface anchor bolts not included. Optional Swivel Shelf installs onto the base post (additional cost).

    Tagged:Grills & Fire Rings, Park Site Amenities

  75. Pilot Rock Picnic Tables

    Multi-Styles of Picnic Tables

    RJ Thomas Mfg Co Inc

    R.J. Thomas Manufacturing Co offers a variety of picnic tables through their Pilot Rock outdoor furnishing line.  Models are available at different lengths, choices of materials, and accessible seating with side or end access. 

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Picnic Tables

  76. No Photo Available

    Playground Equipment

    Play and Park Structures, A Playcore Company

    All children deserve independent play with their peers, and Park Structures designs provide maximum accessibility for children of all abilities. Mobility is not a requirement for having fun on Park Structures playgrounds.

    Tagged:Play Equipment, Playgrounds

  77. No Photo Available

    Playground Equipment

    Playworld Systems

    The world needs play. That's why Playworld Systems has created innovative playground and recreational products for people of all ages and abilities for over 30 years.

    Tagged:Play Equipment, Playgrounds

  78. No Photo Available

    RecGrass System

    Zeager Bros Inc

    RecGrass is a soft, synthetic grass that provides a very low maintenance, clean and reasonably prices saftey surface for play areas. Choose from a heavy -duty low-pile RecGrass or a softer high-pile RecGrass. No messy infill materials on this grass because the RecBase underneath provides the drainage and fall protection.


    Tagged:Hybrid Playground Surface Systems, Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Surfaces

  79. No Photo Available


    Zeager Bros Inc

    RecMats are a "no-hassel" interlocking rubber mat surface designed with a recycled foam base for drainage, fall protection and reduced base preparation. Asphalt, concrete or several inches of gravel is not required with this system due to the stability that the RecBase Provides.

    Tagged:Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Rubber Mats & Tiles, Surfaces

  80. No Photo Available

    Recreonics Pool Products

    Recreonics Inc

    Automatic, water powered lift has a 180 degree turning radius, a weight lifting capacity of up to 400 pound at 55 psi and is built to accommodate lateral transfers. Adjustable seat height travels 42" up and down with upper and lower level controls for independent operation from deck or water. Comes complete with foot rest.


    Tagged:Aquatic Facilities, Pool Entry

  81. No Photo Available

    Mobili T Rover

    Rehab Ideas

    Beach access without having to transfer from yout personal power chair. The Mobili T Rover is an off road wheelchair platform which allows a person in a pwer chair to drive up on this unique platform using an attatched ramp. The Mobili T Rover is powered by the wheels of the power chair and steered through the use of a joystick and is designed to drive comfortably out on the beach, parks, campgrounds and nature trails. No transfer is required and there is no auxiliary power. The Mobili T Rover is stable and sage and utilized the same type of wheelchair securements available in today's modified vehicles.

    Tagged:Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  82. No Photo Available

    Restrooms Buildings


    Romtec designs, manufactures and installs pre-engineered buildings, including public restrooms, restroom-shower buildings, consessions, multi-use facilities, kiosks, ticket booths, and secure equipment/control buildings. Buildings are design by architects and engineers to meet building codes in every state, including ADA accessibility, health and safety, and all applicable structural requirements.

    Tagged:Park Site Amenities, Restroom Buildings

  83. No Photo Available


    SoloRider Management LLC

    Solorider single rider golf cart enables people such as amputtes, paraplegics and the mobility challended to play the game of golf.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Cars, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  84. SoundStik


    Vista Group International

    SoundStik® audio handsets are personal handheld speakers installed at exhibits to provide audio interpretation. Visitors lift the SoundStik and listen. The SoundStik family of products lets exhibitors get their messages across in clear, crisp audio or play video soundtracks without adding noise to the gallery. While serving the general public, SoundStik products also help meet access goals for visitors with low vision or hearing impairments. Vista Group International designs, manufactures and sells SoundStik exhibit handsets and related products and services for the museum and tourism industries.

    Tagged:Audiovisual Services and Supplies, Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  85. No Photo Available

    Split Rock Studios

    Split Rock Studios

    A premier full-service interpretive exhibit design/build firm, formerly known as Deaton Museum Services. Specialization in creating cultural and natural history exhibits for museums, interpretive centers, aquariums, zoos, and related institutions.

    Tagged:Interpretive Services and Supplies

  86. No Photo Available

    SR Smith Pool Lifts

    SR Smith

    The PAL Portable Aquatic Lift is a completely portable, battery powered lift that is the ideal solution for locations with multiple pools and/or spas. The PAL is 100% ADA Compliant, and can be independently operated using the easy to follow, waterproof remote control.

    The Splash! Lift is semi-portable, battery powered lift that is mounted to the deck by a deck anchor socket. Variations of the Splash! can accommodate virtually any poolside configuration. The Splash! is 100% ADA Compliant, and will support a lifting capacity of up to 400 pounds.


    Tagged:Aquatic Facilities, Pool Entry

  87. No Photo Available

    Stabilizer, The Original Natural Solution

    Stabilizer Solutions

    Stabilizer, "The Original Natural Binder" makes it possible to enjoy natural aggregates on trails, pathways, and driveways any time. You can stablize your aggregate by binding its soil particles with Stabilizer, developed over 20 years ago. Reduce mud, dust erosion, while creating a stable, porus surface. Totally organic, Stabilizer works with nature.

    Tagged:Soil Stabilization Products, Surfaces

  88. No Photo Available

    Stop and Listen Digital Audio Products

    Stop and Listen, Inc

    Interactive digital audio equipment for the exhibit and display industries. Specializes in digital audio record and playback systems and accompanying accessories including pushbuttons, infrared motion sensors, audio speakers and handsets.

    Tagged:Audiovisual Services and Supplies, Communications, Interpretive Services and Supplies

  89. No Photo Available


    T-Golf LLC

    The T-Golf® is a simple and fun progressive player development equipment and method that immediately yields very sophisticated positive results.  We teach the "circular" motion of the golf swing from the upright position. Once we achieve the desired motion we begin to add spine angle (being at the waist) by lowering a telescoping tee. T-Golf® uses a modified club and telescoping tee to achieve outstanding results.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Assistive Devices

  90. TechniSoil G5

    TechniSoil G5

    TechniSoil Global

    Natural soil stabilizer, binding existing decomposed granite or crushed rock aggregate media to create a pathway with characteristics greater or equal to asphalt. VOC free, gree, and natural. Maintains natural aggregate color.

    Tagged:Soil Stabilization Products, Surfaces

  91. No Photo Available

    Terra Trek

    Motion Concepts USA

    The TerraTrek is an exciting wheelchair designed to handle roads less traveled. Anything off-road, on the farm, or in the wilderness. 12.5-inch front casters, super-strong/lightweight chrome-moly frame, 26-inch quick release wheels with aggressive knobby tires, growth capacity from 12 to 18 inches in width and depth. Adjustable height and depth, aluminum footrest, 140 degree leg positioning and multiple camber options.


    Tagged:Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  92. No Photo Available

    Top-Shield (TS-100) Non-Hazardous Soil Sealant & Stabilizer

    Base Seal International

    Top-Shield (TS-100) contains powerful co-polymers developed to penetrate and create a hard resilient surface by cementing loose material into a tight bond. When applied, Top Shield will harden to remain dust free and moisture resistant. Provides strong barrier against a freeze thaw cycle. It is unique in that it has strong chains of polymer molecules that are cross-linked into grid like patters which may range up to 1,000,000 molecules long vs. competitors' products which commonly chain only 100 to 10,00 molecules long. Top-Shield (TS-100) Non-Hazardous, enviromentally friendly and dries clear. Successfully used by all branches of the US Military and Governmental Agerncies in U.S. and Internationally since 1995.


    Tagged:Soil Stabilization Products, Surfaces

  93. No Photo Available

    Tot Turf

    Robertson Recreational Surfaces

    Manufactured on location. Consists of rubber granules, and urethane and recycled tire buffings. Mixed on site and hand-troweled to create a seamless and permanent safety surface.

    Tagged:Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Poured in Place Rubber, Surfaces

  94. No Photo Available

    TRS Prosthetic Components

    TRS Inc

    Upper extremity prehensors, hands, sports and recreation accessories. High performance rock climbing lower extermity prosthesis.

    Tagged:Golf, Golf Assistive Devices, Recreation Equipment

  95. No Photo Available

    Unity Play Land Tiles

    Unity Surfacing Systems

    The Play Land series is a 2 1/2" thick rubberized saftey surfacing, flooring and paver product manufactured with 100% recycled tires and rubber that is clean and safe to use. Sitting on medium -pedistals that provide up to a seven foot fall rating, these double tiles-mats-blocks have a double interlocking system with bolt down capabilities. They come in a wide variety of colors and thickness to fit your indoor and outdoor application such as playground, rooftops, walkways, recreational areas, daycare centers, green roofs, etc. Meets or exceeds ASTM, CPSC, ADA and USGBC safety standards and guidelines.

    Tagged:Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Rubber Mats & Tiles, Surfaces

  96. No Photo Available

    Platform Beach Dolly for Wheelchairs

    Wheeleez, Inc

    The Platform Beach Wheelchair Dolly introduces a "new era" in accessibility. The Platform Dolly permits users to cross sand, grass, dirt, and difficult terrain in the comfort of their own wheelchair. Using specially designed Wheeleez ® Balloon Wheels, the Platform Dolly permits safe and secure wheelchair transport over most anything. Includes lockable brake system.


    Tagged:Beaches, Beach Wheelchairs, Wheelchairs and Other Power Driven Mobility Devices

  97. No Photo Available

    Wilderness Graphics

    Wilderness Graphics

    Planning and products to support public use, interpretation, education and nature-based tourism. Comprehensive services include planning and design, program content development, and complete production, fabrication, and installation. Experience designing accessibility into exhibits.

    Tagged:Interpretive Services and Supplies

  98. No Photo Available


    Zeager Bros Inc

    WoodCarpet is a third party certified wood fiber surface. WoodCarpet Mats were the first "no-trip" wear mats for under swings, slides and other high wear areas. These mats are designed with a beveled edge and concave shape to keep the WoodCarpet under the mat. As a result, these mats can be installed on top of the surface to keep the area flat and level for proper accessibility.

    Bonded WoodCarpet®, combines the safety of WoodCarpet® and the accessibility of poured-in-place. Bonded WoodCarpet® will make accessible trails, pathways through a playground, or make an entire playground surface accessible. Already have engineered wood fiber on your playground surface? There is no need to remove your engineered wood fiber, simply add a few bonded WoodCarpet® pathways to accessible play components. It will significiantly improve the accessibility of your engineered wood fiber playground or trail surface.

    Tagged:Engineered Wood Fiber & Lumber, Playgrounds, Play Surfaces, Surfaces