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The Pro Pool Lift is an independently certified aquatic lift that features a unique, compact design, rechargeable 24-volt battery, stainless steel construction, and a UV resistant epoxy powder coat finish. Specifically developed for in ground pool and spa applications, The Pro Pool Lift was designed with a low profile to provide for an attractive, unobtrusive and welcome addition to any pool deck. The Patriot Portable Pro Pool Lift takes our very popular flagship model, The Pro Pool Lift, and mounts it to a counter weighted cart to it to make it completely portable. Just wheel the The Patriot Portable Pro Pool Lift up to the poolside where you want it, set the caster brakes and pressure foot, tilt the lift back and glide it down to the deck. Now you are ready to use the lift. The Pro Spa Lift is for you, if you desire the freedom of relaxing in the comfort of your own hot tub or spa without having to wait for assistance. Our 24-volt rechargeable battery powered lift will lift up to 400-pounds and allows you to clear a 40-inch high wall up to 14-inches wide with a full 360-degree rotation. The Pro Spa 40 Lift comes standard with an adjustable lap belt, adjustable pull-out/flip-down leg rest, and dual flip-up arms to facilitate easy lateral transfers. Quality stainless steel construction and UV resistance epoxy powder coat finish ensure long life and corrosion resistance.