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The AquaTrek Step is available in 6, 7 or 8 tread (step) models. Custom constructed for each facility’s pool, this unit is both a lightweight and portable addition for aquatic access. Each tread (step) has 2 black and 1 yellow nonslip safety strip. The yellow strips are placed on the front of each tread to help make the treads more visible and the visual perspective clearer. Wheels on the bottom of the AquaTrek Step allow for ease of movement into and out of the pool. The deck anchors are made of cast bronze and all fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel. The AquaTrek Ladder is available in 4, 5 or 6 tread (step) models. This unit is built for heavyweight durability but maintains lightweight portability. The 30-inch wide treads (steps) provide a comfortable walking area, while the noncorrosive metal reinforced siderails provide strength and stability for use in a commercial pool. Each tread (step) comes with a nonslip safety surface in two colors, yellow and black. The AquaTrek Ladder is easily removed for automatic pool cleaners, retractable pool covers and solar blankets. This product is the ultimate practical and dignified solution for aquatic access. The AquaTrek Ramp is a multi-purpose ramp consisting of a ramp, stair and underwater parallel bars. It can easily be removed from the pool making room for automatic cleaners and pool covers. The ramp has 30" treads and a weight capacity of approximately 600 lb. Constructed of non-corrosive metal encased in a rigid PVC skin. The treads, platform and approach ramp are made from injection molded virgin PVC with an added UV stabilizer and non-slip safety strips on each tread and the platform. The wheels are mounted in an impact resistant nylon hub with gray, non-marking tires. All fasteners are 304 stainless steel and the deck anchors are made of cast bronze