EZ Dock EZ Launch System


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The universally accessible EZ Launch System is designed for independent use by all people of all abilities.  People without disabilities will find the system easy to use, all while seated, stable and dry-footed: simply walk up; slide your vessel onto the launch port; sit on the boarding bench; slide out the boarding seat; scooting into position over the center of the vessel; lower onto the vessel seat, sliding the boarding seat back into the bench; or use the side rails to pull the vessel off the port out into the water.  Universal design means the process is the same for someone who uses a wheelchair for mobility. Roll up to the transfer/boarding bench.  Transfer out of your chair and proceed to board like anyone else. 

All the dimensions and features of the transfer/boarding bench and launch ports are specifically designed to be independently usable and provide a stable, dry, seated entry into the vessel for everyone.  For example, the positioning of the launch ports at 4” below the floating dock provides the proper foot positioning for maintaining good sitting balance as users scoot over on the boarding seat to center their body over the vessel. This is particularly important for users who don’t have use of their legs or who have poor sitting balance.  Each change of level from the top seat of the transfer/boarding bench to the second level and down to the slide-out boarding seat is only 4” which is easy to use by everyone and helps people maintain good sitting balance while moving down into the vessel. There are multiple means of transfer/boarding assistance provided by both round and square grab bars with non-slip grip-able surface, strategically placed, that are easily grasped to pull/push/hold/lean on while moving into and out of the vessel.  The dock spacing around all sides of the transfer/boarding bench is greater than the minimum clear space required by the ADA which makes maneuvering of vessels and users with mobility devices considerably easier for everyone. The dock has perimeter edge protection that prevents inadvertent step/roll off.  Once seated in the vessel, the pull rails are within easy side reach to move the vessel off the launch port into the water and they extend out over the water far enough for the user to stabilize the vessel before exiting into open or moving water.  This railing system also helps position the vessel for exiting the water back onto the launch port. The system is signed with user instructions provided in a variety of formats including pictures and simple written word in high contrast, large print. The instructional sign is two-sided and strategically placed to be viewable from the dock and from the water. The entire integrated floating system is designed to accommodate fluctuating water levels while maintaining an accessible stable level boarding platform.