Kay-aKcess Floating Kayak Launch and Dock


$10,400 - 15,000


Website: http://www.kay-akcess.com
Phone: (941) 662-5935
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Address: P.O. Box 3092 Placida, FL 33946

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Kay-aKcess is a floating kayak/canoe launch/dock that provides safe, easy, stable access to and from the water. In combination with the wheelchair transfer platform, overhead and side assist bars, and Safe-Launch adjustable platform, persons with disabilities can now launch their kayaks and canoes safely; WITHOUT the assistance of others-which is truly empowering! Pricing starts at $10,400.00 for a 12’x18’ kayak launch dock, 16’ x 18’- $12,000.00 and the 16’ x 26’-$15,000.00. Pricing will vary depending on options selected, gangways not included.

Available in a three standard sizes from small to large-starting with a 12’x18’w/ transfer platform and 3’ x 8’ safe launch (buoyancy wt. 6200#). 16’ x 18’ w/transfer platform and a 3’ x 12’ safe launch( buoyancy wt.7350#) And a 16’ x 26’ w/transfer platform and a 3’ x 12’ safe launch and a 4’ x 12’ canoe slip with an overhead assist bar. (buoyancy wt. 10,900#) Floating dock sections have a 7” height above the water, one inch draft and total of 8” in thickness. It is important with Kayak docks that the dock does not have a height above the water more than 8”- as it makes it more difficult to exit the kayak. Allows 3 or more kayaks to be launch simultaneously.

The floating Kayak/Canoe dock is compliant as it has a TRANSFER PLATFORM SYSTEM TRANSFER PLATFORM: The transfer platform provides access from wheelchair height level- down to the dock level and returning to the wheel chair is in compliance with 1008.3 TRANSFER SYSTEMS:* As per the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Specifically- The TRANSFER PLATFORM is ADA Compliant as follows: Transfer Platform provided- per 1008.3.1(transfer platforms shall be provided where transfer is intended from wheelchairs or other mobility aids) Loading surface level and step size is in compliance with (1008.3.1.1 size & 1008.3.1.2 height) Transfer space is provided per 1008.3.1.3 Transfer Space. Two transfer support methods are provided-an overhead assist bar and overhead continuous grab bar per 1008.3.1.4 and 1008.3.2.3 Transfer Supports Turning space per(1008.4.1 Turning Space) Clear floor space per(1008.4.2 Clear Floor or Ground Space) OPTIONAL ADA COMPLIANT RAILINGS AND EDGE PROTECTION is available. OPTIONAL ADA COMPLIANT GANGWAY- To provide access to the floating dock system. ADA COMPLIANT GANGWAY: Gangways are available that comply with ADA requirements as specified in Chapter 4:ACCESSIBLE ROUTES, and Chapter 10: RECREATION FACILITIES as to the length, slant ratio, railing size, height, scope, edge protection and continuous handrail extension and transition plates.