$180-450 with power supply if required and Hanger Mount


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SoundStik® audio handsets are personal handheld speakers installed at exhibits to provide audio interpretation. Visitors lift the SoundStik and listen. The SoundStik family of products lets exhibitors get their messages across in clear, crisp audio or play video soundtracks without adding noise to the gallery. While serving the general public, SoundStik products also help meet access goals for visitors with low vision or hearing impairments. Vista Group International designs, manufactures and sells SoundStik exhibit handsets and related products and services for the museum and tourism industries.

SoundStik handset: 1 0.5" L x 1.5"W x 1" D; SoundStik handset weight: 8 oz. including armored tether. SoundStik armored tether: 48" standard, 36" and other lengths or coil cord tethers custom. Hanger Mount: 2.38" L x 1.88" W x 1.25" D

The SoundStik is used in a manner similar to a telephone handset. It is hearing aid T-Coil compatible and has volume control (15dbA above and below default) with auto-reset as recommended in ADA, Pt. 36, App A 4.31.5., 4.31.6. Volume UP/DOWN is controlled with raised 3/8" D tactile push buttons marked triangular symbols and located one above the other. Facility of operation and cord length comply with guidelines 4.27.4 and 4.31.8. SoundStik handsets may be ordered to use with Vista Group International's external volume control interface with auto-reset, the VC-X, where larger panel mounted push buttons and Braille signage are desired or for other custom installations.