Top-Shield (TS-100) Non-Hazardous Soil Sealant & Stabilizer


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Top-Shield (TS-100) contains powerful co-polymers developed to penetrate and create a hard resilient surface by cementing loose material into a tight bond. When applied, Top Shield will harden to remain dust free and moisture resistant. Provides strong barrier against a freeze thaw cycle. It is unique in that it has strong chains of polymer molecules that are cross-linked into grid like patters which may range up to 1,000,000 molecules long vs. competitors' products which commonly chain only 100 to 10,00 molecules long. Top-Shield (TS-100) Non-Hazardous, enviromentally friendly and dries clear. Successfully used by all branches of the US Military and Governmental Agerncies in U.S. and Internationally since 1995. 

Shipped in 55 gal poly drums, 275 gal. Totes, & 4,000 gallon poly bladders.